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Rust Removers & Water...

Rust Removers and Pro-Res Care will chemically clean a fouled resin bed of a water softener and restore the exchange capacity of the resin. Most types of water softening resins can become fouled with iron and other contaminants that will affect the performance of the ion exchange system. Iron fouling can cause channeling, pressure drop, loss of capacity, hardness and iron leakage. Regular use of Pro-Res Care will minimize fouling and extend the resin life in the water softener.

Water Neutralizers &...

Our specialty line of problem water care solutions are designed to raise or lower pH of problem water or protect against mineral staining and odor. These water treatment chemicals can be administered through chemical injection systems or manually. Neutra Sul is 7% stabilized hydrogen peroxide which does not degrade like ordinary H2O2 and is utilized in removal of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide (rotten-egg oder).

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