At Bricareau Water Specialist, we envision a future with safe drinking water that protects the healthiness and the liveliness of our globe and its people. We are constantly looking for ways to progress life around the planet every day.

With that aim in mind, we manage our business according to our "Win Right" values. We trust that honesty and integrity are essential to building confidence with our customers, business partners, and each other, and we look to our employees to uphold these values.

Bricareau Water Specialist's rapid growth has escorted us to new ways of working. More than ever before, we are operating across borders to carry the most excellent customer solutions. Our culture promotes respect for a diversity of perspectives and encourages a free exchange of ideas. We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team—from store to head office — who are willing to grow with us.

With a strong team in place, we intend to shape the global business community and continue to push ourselves to discover more innovative technologies that improve life around the world every day.