Our Story

Established in 2012, Bricareau Water Specialist has kept helping consumers to meet their needs by providing effective and innovative water treatment solutions with satisfactory product quality and best price for over seven years. In the beginning, we sold our items on the large third-party platforms like Amazon and eBay. In 2014 we set up our own online retail shop (www.bricareau.com), which is aimed to provide customers with the exact products they are looking for in high quality and favorable price, and make the shopping experience easy, safe and convenient.

For over seven years of operation, Bricareau Water Specialist has grown to be one of the top retailers in North America. We always have high market sensitivity and devote ourselves to developing more diverse and better products. We are always capable of assisting customers to find whatever they want and we commit ourselves to provide you with thoughtful customer service.


What We Sell

Bricareau Water Specialist provides our consumers with plenty of choices from cartridge filters and filter housings to whole house backwashing filters, from ion exchange resins and filter media to cleaning products, from water softening systems to UV disinfection equipment, from under sink filter systems and residential reverse osmosis systems to business and industry products. Find whatever you need to solve your daily water problems from our online shop with an impossibly low price and high expectation!